Tupakulagudem Barrage, Near : Eturnagaram Mandal, Warangal Dist

Tupakulagudem Barrage :


  • The Tupakulagudem Barrage is located 23 km downstream of Ichampally Project site on River Godavari. Under re-engineering, Kanthanapally Barrage location is shifted 17 km upstream at Tupakulagudem (Village), Eturunagaram (Mandal) in Warangal District in Telangana State, India and renamed as Tupakulagudem Barrage. There is no submersion of villages at the present barrage location.

Barrage Objective :

  • The project envisages utilizing Godavari water by diverting and lifting from existing Devadula Lift Irrigation Scheme which caters about 6.5 lakh acres in Warangal and Nalgonda districts. The barrage is basically a diversion structure built across the river for the purpose of diversion of the required quantum of river flows for the purpose of Irrigation, Hydro-Electric Power Generation, domestic water supply and industrial water supply.

Engineering :

  • Designed Flood Discharge: 85,000 Cumecs
  • Operational Pond Level: + 83.00 Mts
  • Length of Barrage: 1132 Mts (Deep Gorge- 280 Mts & Rock section – 852 Mts)
  • Height of Barrage: 30 Mts
  • Length Of Apron: 105 Mts
  • Length of Pier in Rock Section: 55 Mts
  • Length of Pier in Deep George Section: 105 Mts
  • Estimated Concrete quantity to be laid with M25 and M60 grade: About 13.5 lakh cum
  • Number of vents: 59 nos. (48 nos Spill Way & 11 nos Under Sluice)
  • Gate Size: 15 Mts X 14 Mts for Spill way & 15 Mts X 15 Mts for Under Sluice
  • Sill Level: +71.00 Mts for Spill Way & + 70.00 Mts for Under Sluice
  • Top Level of Two lane Road Bridge connecting Chathisgarh and Telangana States: +92.00 Mts.
  • Design Discharge of head Regulator for Supply water for power generation 3300 Cumecs

Value of Project:
INR 1624 Crores
Thupakulaudem Village, Eturunagaram Mandal, Warangal Dist
I & CAD, Government of Telangana
Award Date
February 2017
Completion Date
Under Execution