Vented Dam - Across Nethravathi River

Vented Dam:

Vented Dam constructed across Nethravathi River near Thumbe. The site is located about 20 Km away from Mangalore.

Objective of Vented Dam:

There is an age old existing Anicut with a storage facilities of drinking water needs of Mangalore city by inserting wooden planks for a limited period. Due to increase in the need of water supply to cater the developed Mangalore city, it is contemplated to construct a permanent Concrete Dam with vertical Spillway gates to store water to a higher elevation of + 7 M i.e to 2.0 TMC water for daily water supply to Mangalore city and other industrial purposes etc. Thus this Dam is constructed.

 Silent Features Of Dam:

  • Length of Dam                               :           344.5m
  • No. of vents                                   :           30nos —10x5.5M
  • Thickness of pier                            :           1.5m
  • Crest level                                     :           +1.50 M
  • Pond Level                                     :        +7.00 M
  • Top level of barrage (Bridge level)   :           +12.00 M
  • Excavation quantity                        :           1.05 Lakhs Cum
  • Concrete quantity                           :           0.65 Lakhs Cum
  • Gates                                            :           30 nos – 10 x 5.5 M

Value of Project:
INR 75 Crores
Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board
Award Date
January 2009
Completion Date
December 2016